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Midlife is a curious time for women, a period of change in more ways than one. The idea behind this site is to create a space where women of a certain age, like me, can share experience, thoughts, stories and tips in order to inspire and support one another. I’ll kick it all off and post as regularly as I can but I hope that this site will build into something bigger than my own meanderings. You don’t need to be a journalist or a writer, just a woman with something to say. I’ll start by asking friends and associates to contribute and hope it grows from there.

I’m not going to write about what-not-to-wear or how to tone-up-your-bum, because all that stuff’s covered elsewhere and I can’t do it any better.


I’m interested in personal journeys ­– what makes us tick, our creativity, our wisdom, our energy and how we face the obstacles that midlife throws at us, with grace and humour.


If you have a story you want to contribute please email me with an outline with your idea in the first instance.


Contribute images

Lino cut by Avril Broadley ©GrownGalsWhen I’m not writing this I’m a graphic designer and art director – so its important to me that this site looks beautiful. I am interested in women’s creativity – whether that is in craft, cooking or any other artistic venture so if you have lovely artwork, photos or images that you’d like to contribute just email me me some links and I will see if I can use them (credited of course).

The image of the four beauties shown on the right here is a lino-cut that I made at art college in the 80s to illustrate a poem called ‘Song of Four Women’ by the wonderful Fran Landesman. I think it shows how much I have always valued the friendship of women.

With love, Avril



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