About this Grown Gal

Midlife is a curious time for women, a period of change in more ways than one. This blog was started when I was going through absolute menopause misery and I found that it helped to write about my experience. Along the way I asked friends to contribute. Gradually, as I came through the hell of ‘the change’, the blog became more of a collection of posts about my midlife journey.

It’s basically very personal. I’m interested in the female midlife journey – what makes us tick, our creativity, wisdom, energy and how we can face the obstacles that life throws at us with grace and humour. What I’ve discovered is that I love to write. In addition I’ve had to learn how to blog and create this website as well as how to promote it through social media. These are all life skills that I’ve been able to use in my professional life so it’s win, win.

Lino-cut by Avril Broadley ©GrownGals - my midlife journeyWhen I’m not writing I’m a graphic designer and art director. I’ve always been interested in women’s creativity – whether it’s craft, gardening, design, cooking or any other artistic venture. If you want to contribute to Grown Gals I would love to hear your story and it can be in words or in images – lovely artwork, photos or crafts – just email me me an outline or some pics and I will see if I can use them (credited of course).

The image of the four beauties shown here is a lino-cut that I made at art college in the 80s to illustrate a poem called ‘Song of Four Women’ by the wonderful Fran Landesman. I think it shows how much I have always valued the friendship of women.

With love, Avril


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