Fat-free sweet potato crisps

Recipe for healthy sweet potato crisps
I made these sweet potato crisps for my dog when she had an upset tummy. Dried sweet potato is a natural remedy that works for her. I tasted one and it was so delicious I’ve been eating them ever since. The best thing is you can tuck into a bowl of these guilt-free because they have no fat.

There are lots of recipes for vegetable crisps on the web but many include olive oil and salt. I was making these for my miniature Schnauzer, who has a sensitive stomach, so I wanted to make them as healthy as possible. If you didn’t already know dried sweet potato is great when your dog has a runny bottom. It helps bind their digestive system and saves me a small fortune in vet bills. Thinly slicing the sweet potato seemed the quickest way to cook it. When they came out of the oven I couldn’t resist trying one and hey presto I’d made sweet potato crisps!

Sweet potato is a satisfying, healthy alternative to white potatoes with a stack of good credentials. I am not going to fill this post with science but if you want information on the nutritional value of the sweet potato click on the link.

My sweet potato crisps

You will need:
2 sweet potatoes – the rounder and more orange the better
Roll of baking parchment
Y peeler or mandolin (a Y peeler is the one shown in the pictures below)

You can use a Y Peeler to make ultra thin sweet potato slices
You can use a Y Peeler to make ultra thin sweet potato slices

Use baking parchment to stop the slices sticking

Use baking parchment to stop the slices sticking

– Turn the oven onto to 180˚C (mine is fan assisted).
– Line two large baking trays with parchment paper. This is important because this allows you to leave out the oil and stops the sweet potato sticking.
– Peel the potatoes.
– Once peeled you need to thinly slice the potatoes into round slivers. I use a Y peeler which makes a very good job. As you get more confident you get faster. But be careful of slicing off finger tips! You will not be able to slice the whole thing with the peeler so when you get down to the last bit finely slice it with a sharp knife instead.
– Spread the slices over the parchment and stick them in the oven.
– Keep a close eye on them and when the edges begin to turn brown after about 10 minutes remove the slices and turn them over with an egg slice. Return to the oven.
– You don’t want them to catch too much (it’s a very fine line between slightly caramalised and burnt). Remove them before they burn!
– They do crisp up once they cool so don’t worry too much if they are still a bit floppy when you take them out of the oven.

We usually eat them straight away but if you want to store them make sure they cool completely before sticking them in an airtight container.

Just remember to share them with the dog!

Avril x

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