Surviving menopause; 10 tips to get you through

Illustration of evening primrose with menopause in script

Sandra is on the other side of menopause and has kindly shared her tips for surviving the journey

When Sandra left a facebook menopause group, because she was finally out the other side, she left behind her top tips for getting through. She kindly agreed to share them here.  They won’t be for everyone because we’re all different, but one thing we all need is hope.

  1. Tell your doctor EVERYTHING, and take as long as you need, do not be rushed.
  2. If depression and/or anxiety effect you, take every medication your doctor offers you. Don’t be scared of it – it might just save you.
  3. Sleep whenever you need and whenever you can.
  4. The same applies to crying.
  5. Eat! Doesn’t matter what, as long as you are fuelling your body and mind. (But you can do a lot to help yourself with good nutrition, see this brilliant article by Suzi Grant on foods for menopause symptoms).
  6. Under no circumstances give yourself a hard time over your body image. Love yourself for who you are not what you look like.
  7. Take supplements; magnesium and evening primrose are wonderful.
  8. HRT? It’s up to you. It made my depression worse so I came off it.
  9. A magnetic bracelet helped enormously with hot flushes. (Find them on from e-bay).
  10. Have a friend/partner/loved one send you a text message every day. A smiley face will help you feel valued. You ARE valued, loved and important. Love yourself.

P.S. always leave the house with spare knickers in your handbag.

I would add – read as much as you can about the subject and take from that what will work for you. There are lots of supportive menopause groups on social media and meno can be a lonely place. Reading about other women’s experiences helps make it feel more of a natural part of life – and less like you are going mad! Avril x